Friday, July 14, 2017

C'est La Vie

Today was it, the last day of Summer College for those of us here for three-week courses. Because we weren’t having an official graduation ceremony on Saturday, my friends and I dressed up. I wore my fancy Eid clothes and walked over to beloved Myron Taylor Hall, the law school, for the very last time. I noticed the beauty surrounding me as I walked and how much I would miss it back in California. Thanks to my APWH (AP World History) teacher, Ms. Krieger, the practice of mindfulness and remaining present continues to influence the way in which I perceive life.

Am I a lawyer yet?
 In class, we presented our fact-finding missions and spoke about everything that we had learned through the activity. Afterward, Professor Brundige asked us to reflect and share our thoughts about the course. I wasn’t the only one there that confessed to having known very little about international law prior to these few weeks and admitting that I am practically a changed person.

It was incredibly motivating and a little bit bittersweet to learn about the impact that this class has had on my classmates. Some (including me) found out that they wanted to pursue careers in related fields. Others were discouraged by the fact that the law didn’t always provide justice. Nonetheless, we were all in agreement that the amount of learning that we accomplished is astounding and a direct result of mentoring and guidance provided by knowledgeable individuals such as our professor and TAs/advisors, Diogo, Naffa, and Carlos.

We had an informal graduation. The professor walked around the room, announced each one of our names, and headed everyone their certificates. Professor had brought with her baked goods and juice that the rest of us snacked on. I had the opportunity to thank all of my mentors and helpers. It felt great.

Professor Brundige also allowed us to talk about the idea that we had for a website. Our classmates seemed to really like it and approached the four of us (Pooja, Sultana, Robson, and I) to see if they could also participate or contribute. It was incredibly exciting and something that I very much look forward to working on. 

A small group of us students hung out in the courtroom after class. We took pictures and shared our thoughts and ideas for the future.

Because we had an opinion editorial that was due at 5 PM, I stayed inside the building waiting for the rain to end and for my work to be done. The rain did not feel like stopping whatsoever and continued to coat me. After a while, it eventually ceased and I went outside of Donlan to see Pooja off.

You see, Pooja was one of the sweetest and happiest friends that I had the opportunity to make these past few weeks. She taught me so much and we laughed together all the time. I will miss her presence very much. On the way to Donlan, I found Sultana and her family. They’re the nicest and most genuine people. In fact, I was invited officially to New York!

Sultana’s sister who is 10 years old told me about the books that she likes to read. I learned from her mother about their local mosque and supportive community and her father about several events in History and the importance of being a positive person in general. Now, I can really see where Sultana gets her amazing personality.
I'm going to miss these people so much
 Robson and I toured parts of the campus with Sultana’s family after Pudge left. It was bittersweet because we were already missing her and touring without her presence was saddening.

I found out then that I had missed J’nai’s departure as well. She didn’t exactly let me know the time and place for when she would leave. I was entirely disappointed in the circumstance, especially because we had gotten super close and I wanted to at least grant her one last hug. I made sure to send a myriad of messages and video texts over her way.

Robson, Sultana, and I ordered Dominos pizza and watched one of my favorite Hindi movies, ‘Three Idiots’, in Balch later on. The food was great, Sultana even brought over delicious pakoras that her mother had made.

Eventually, we parted ways and I blogged and packed for the rest of the day.

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