Sunday, July 2, 2017

Sunday Candy

Today was another day to go out with my friends; of course I had to because I only have so many weekends here in Ithaca. We all decided to get a bit dressed up since we didn’t have to worry about class today and took the bus down to the Ithaca Mall. This time we actually understood how to use the bus and we actually went to the mall part. I went with my floor mates, Sloane, Miffy, Trinity, Bella, and a girl from my Inspiring Leadership class named McKayla.
Balch Unit 4. 
The first thing we did was to go to a store where there were a bunch of cats! It seemed random to have that in a mall but it was so fun because they wanted to play, we didn’t take any of them out of their cages because they seemed so full of energy and we didn’t want them to run away. There was one that was outside and when it almost bit Sloane while she was trying to pet it we decided we should go.

We walked to the food court and ordered some brunch, where all the workers were asking if we were summer college students and where we were from. They were actually intrigued about how I said I was from the San Francisco area and wanted to know all about what our experience was like. 
Miffy, Bella, McKayla, me, Sloane, and
After we were stuffed we began our trek in search of clothing stores, what I discovered was how small the Ithaca Mall actually was, there was no Forever 21, or H&M or Pacsun. Basically no store that I usually shop at, there were not a lot of clothing stores in general. Not that we needed clothes but there wasn’t much to browse in the whole mall. We all expected more people to be there considering it was the weekend and also the middle of summer. We also stopped by Target, which I never get enough of, because Sloane wanted to grab some snacks to keep in her dorm room. McKayla and Trinity also picked up some bouncy balls and bubble guns to use when we go out or maybe for July 4th.

We didn't get to do much shopping but we still wanted to do something new, so there was a laser tag area and we all agreed we just had to try it and maybe even come back again next week. I have never played laser tag before but it was some great way to get our energy out since it was just us in the game. We were running around trying to shoot each other and even though my team lost we still had a bunch of fun and were all laughing because none of us knew what we were doing. Definitely draining but worth it!

We took the bus back to north campus and thought of having a picnic on the slope since we had blankets in our room and lots of snacks we had just bought, but taking in the clouds when walking inside plus checking the weather forecast told us it was a bad idea. It began drizzling so we just had an indoor picnic in Miffy’s room. We all brought out our food, some that was healthy, and some that was not so healthy. We put on some Friends and starting doing things like work, draw, and talk. It was nice way to end my weekend with my friends. And just some time to not worry about the work we had to do for a little bit.

Around 5 PM I met up with Robson and Javaria at the bus stop so we could go downtown to meet Deven for dinner. I had never been downtown and hadn’t seen any of my cohort members or Deven since the first day of classes, so it was great to catch up and talk about how our classes are going, what our dorm experiences have been like so far, as well as our perspectives on how fast this whole experience is flying by. We got off at Seneca and walked to Ithaca Commons where we took some pictures and just took a stroll down to see so many different things, there was a free concert where a man was singing with his guitar and some of his friends. And some kids were playing with balloon animals on a play structure. The sun was out and it looked so beautiful and lively, it honestly felt like I was walking in a movie! 

We went to the Cornell Store to just look around, I didn't buy anything since I wanted to go to the one on Campus since it was bigger, but Javaria got some super pretty postcards which I told her I could even help her customize back home with a printer I had.

We went to a place called Taste of Thai where we were satisfied with the spicy food and large portions but still found some room to get ice cream! The ice cream we got was also very beautiful, it was dry ice-cream which was rolled and made pretty with colorful toppings. I had seen videos of it on Instagram and could not pass up the opportunity. After having a mini photo session of our treat, I checked the app for unlike transportation my RCA told me about to find out that the buses don't go towards campus at almost 8 PM. Maybe because it was Sunday. It was fine because Deven called an Uber which dropped us off right in front of Balch which was great. 

I got inside and tried working on some more of my blog but I just felt tired so I took a nap instead. I met up with my RCA, Emma, to tell her about my weekend and just talk about how I was liking Cornell so far. She's really lively as well and great to talk to about anything. I walked one of my friends back to her dorm at Jam so she wouldn't be walking alone and then we went to check in for the night. The rest of my night consisted of doing some other things that I had to complete and prepping for my discussion since I actually have class tomorrow morning unlike Javaria and Robson. 

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