Sunday, July 9, 2017

Ice Cream Waffles

Today was absolutely amazing. I did things that I wanted to do since I got to Ithaca. In the morning I met with Javaria and we went to the Ithaca Farmer’s Market. It was really cute and had great shops, food and a beautiful view of Cayuga Lake. After we got back I took a nap and had to run to meet Javaria, Sultana and J’nai so we could finally go to the clock tower. We have been planning this for a week, we could only going up when there is a chime concert and we missed one and today was the last concert that was happening this month so we nearly ran to the tower. The view was worth the 161 steps it took. After the clock tower I met with some of my classmates because we have a presentation. After that I went to dinner and had an awesome dessert.

I got up at 7:30 and started rushing to get ready because I had planned to get up at 6 so I could see Stewart Park or anything else that was around the farmer’s market. But I needed the sleep so goodbye Stewart Park, I guess. But Javaria took the two buses we needed to get there. We walked from a food market through a dusty parking lot to the farmers market. The market was really cute and charming. The wood covering and floor with cool shops that sold organic produce pieces of art and other trinkets. Javaria and I went to this little dock on the lake that had a georgious view of the water and lakeshore. There were little ducks that were really cute, but turned violent once someone threw in a bread crumb. I could sit all day watching the ducks swim around. I concluded my day at the farmers marj=ket with a delicious gyro (I LOVE gyros).

After the farmer’s market I went to my dorm and slept, but got up in a hurry as it was 2:15 and I needed to get ready to meet Javaria, Sultana and J’nai so we could be at the tower at 2:30. We nearly ran because the fear hit us (at least Sultana and I because we did a lot of the running) that we might not make it, but we did. After 161 tortuous steps and a couple of “How many levels are there?” and “Are we there yet?” we made it to the bell room first. The contraption used to ring the bells was huge and the person playing it looked like she was climbing on it as she hopped from one pedal to the other. It looked like a really pretty dance. We climbed a spiral stair case up to the top level to look at the beautiful view. The view was massive and absolutely breathtaking. You can see Cayuga Lake twisted through the landscape. You could also see the almost all of Ithaca and Cornell’s beautiful campus. I liked looking at all the tiny people and all the different buildings that I walked by every day. We finished taking all our pictures and walk down the 161 steps which didn’t seem as tortuous as before.
I had to go from the tower to Olin Library to work on my class assignment with my partners Wendy and Alana. For our project we have to give a presentation on the crisis in Yemen and recommend remedies to the situation. I read up on the crisis and I it hit me hard. It was saddening and aggravating reading about the starving women and children, dyeing civilians and other horrible tradegies. It hit me harder than the other assignments because it was real. These things are really happening, it made me frustrated because both sides were causing tragedy and I had very little clue what both sides were truly fighting for because it’s not like they are helping anyone or improving lives.

After studying and working on my project I went to dinner. The only notable thing about this was what my friend Pooja made. She made a waffle and put chocolate a.nd blueberry ice cream on it. She topped it with chocolate sprinkles and caramel sauce. It was heaven

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