Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Cornell's Next Top Model

This morning was a bit of a blur because I cannot count the number of time I hit snooze or reset my alarm, I did not get out of bed until I absolutely positively had to. Mondays. My last one in Ithaca, for now at least. I saw some people from my class walking by Balch so they waited for me to come down the stairs and we all walked in one huge pack. We talked about our essays that we had to submit over the weekend as well as our study plans for this week since our essays are due on Friday instead of Saturday. Plus we have two assignments that are both due on Friday so we all need to be on top of our class work with making time for both. For the first time I wasn’t one of the first people at discussion but I would rather show up a little later than be the first and look like a zombie.

At the beginning of discussion Nick had us go around to say some things about what we did over the weekend or if anything cool happened to us in general. I mentioned seeing Josh twice over the weekend and Nick just laughed and said he would pester Josh for that later.

We have begun our final book for the course called The Last Place on Earth, which is about two explorers, Amundsen and Scott who are racing to get to the South Pole. So far we have covered the scene, the era and what discoveries had been made. And just some background about Amundsen mostly since his expedition was the one that succeeded, his upbringing was happy and nurturing and he grew up open-minded in an environment that fostered creativity and good relationships. Learning about these leaders and their personalities is what shows me as the audience their personality and why they approach the expedition conflicts and situations in the way that they do.

After class McKayla and I were going to get lunch at Collegetown, but she realized she didn’t have her keys after we got our food. I didn’t mind walking back with her at all so we went back to Phillips Hall and we didn’t see her keys on the way. They were not in the lecture room or her bag so we thought to just report it to RPCC at the service center, when we were about to go back to North Campus she got a call from a girl in our class named Faith who she sits next to saying that she picked them up.

After our journey up to Trillium to meet her we finally made our way back to Balch. Not before stopping by an admissions information session which actually had a lot of people, it told us the same things I ave heard before from other seminars but I enjoy picking up new information because you never know. I didn’t wan to work in my dorm room since I feel like I tend to go on my phone more or lie down and just get more distracted in general. I asked McKayla if we could work in the lounge and she didn’t mind, I have never worked in the lounge before but I have seen many people there before, the couches there are far more comfortable than the beds in our rooms.

We did not start our work right away because McKayla and I were talking abut our shared interest in the tech industry, I was telling her about how I visited Google in Silicon Valley and all the great job opportunities in California for people with her kind of skill set. She was telling me abut all the different languages she taught herself to code in such as Java, Python, and C++. She even programmed her phone to have her computer screen show up on it, which is great for being able to write essays from the comfort of your bed.
The Cornell cohort. Notice who's missing. 

Power naps keep the
world spinning. 
In the middle of dinner, Deven came up to North Campus so we could just have a brief check in about the final week, how our workload has been and plans for this weekend since we are leaving the day of graduation. It’s all been going by slow, yet so fast. Deven had also texted me earlier about remembering to wear some Cornell shirts that we got at the Cornell Store, but he himself forgot to wear his. Which was funny because he reminded me before he took the bus to Balch. He just wasn’t a part of our photo shoot.

We got started on our reading for The Last Place on Earth, and I basically did that for a while since the book is quite large and it has such a tiny font, it’s hard to keep your focus so I need to use colorful pens to help outline. I cannot imagine the 250 books my TA, Nick had to read for his PhD. Most of my friends came down and we all worked in the lounge and took turns taking ten minute power naps since we all had a ton of reading to finish, it’s one of the things I’m probably going to remember most about my time here. The clock is ticking fast.
Cornell's Next Top Model. Coming Soon. 

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