Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Farmer's Market

Being able to sleep for the first time in a while felt amazing, by sleeping in I mean 9 AM. Still something. It was much needed after completing my first full week taking a college class at such a great university. I met up with Khirishana, Tashnim and Anika at their dorm rooms in Mary Donlon because they were taking forever to get dressed. We all grabbed some food and I used a public transportation app that my RCA told me about to figure out how we would be able to get to the Ithaca Farmer’s Market. Yes, we were going to the farmer’s market because I had seen pictures and read about it online and also wanted to buy fruit because RPCC food isn’t meeting my fruit needs.

At first we went on the wrong bus because there were two outside the Balch arch where the bus stop is, they were just going in different directions, thank goodness we asked before the bus started to move, that would have been another adventure. After finding our seats on the correct bus I kept checking my app to make sure we were going in the right direction. A student from NYU named Alice was sitting next to me on the bus and she was telling me that I didn’t need to check my phone because we were headed in the right direction. She was actually also headed in the same direction that we were so she said we could just walk there together.

We had a transfer at Seneca and Alice introduced her two friends from NYU who were visiting, one who was living at home and other who lived in the city from LA. They were telling us about the expenses of living in dorms compared to living at home in college, and both would recommend living at home because it is also better financially but you feel more comfortable. Alice is actually a researcher for the summer at Cornell through a program and an LED light company is funding research for the study of the effects of LED lights on spinach and cheese because of a theory of whether specific light could kill bacteria, they are working to see if it can maintain its quality afterwards. I thought it was great and interesting, Alice said she totally prefers Cornell to NYU.

When we arrived at the farmer's market I was just taking in how rustic everything looked with the wooden tent like structure to the cute little boats I could see down the dock on Cayuga Lake. The layout of it was great, you could walk down and it split into more sections which contained basically everything, from handmade wire jewelry to fresh honey where the honeybees were actually being displayed, to fresh produce at one's convenience. There was not as much fruit as I thought there would be, but the owners were very nice and let me sample some of it before I bought it. I settled on some strawberries and cherries because those were the sweetest out of everything I had tried, plus there was more produce than anything else which a slight disappointment. We tried some lemonade and also got some greek food before shopping around a bit to see everything. I ended up getting a copper ring made by hand by a man who didn't know what ring sizes were. 

Tashnim and Anika met up with Khirishana and I before we hopped back on the bus and had a little bit of a panic because we noticed it went in a loop. After checking the app I had on my phone it confirmed that we indeed were going in the right direction. Apparently the buses do that here in Ithaca, the bus driver told us to just stay on the bus since it would go straight after making another loop. At least I understand how it works here now. We got off at Ithaca Mall but didn't go to the mall at all, we went to everyone's favorite place to kill time, and money: Target. Anika sat in the cart while we pushed her around and added things in we needed as well as snack and other food we could keep in the refrigerator or freezer. I hadn't been to Target in so long and it felt great to be able to get my favorite snacks from there. 

We waited in the scorching hot sun for about twenty minutes for the bus to come, which is where the umbrella came in handy, before getting on the bus to wait another twenty minutes since there were so many other students who apparently want to Target and were heading back to north campus. 

I got a call from Deven on the way back to my room about having dinner where we could finally have some real food which made me excited. he also checked in with me about how my first week went and how my class was, what we did and how much of a workload I had compared to Javaria and Robson. 

Apparently there was another fire drill about five minutes before I got to Balch since everyone on my floor was going back into their rooms, seriously. I don't even know why, maybe someone is pulling it or leaving the doors open which is triggering some alarm. 

I ate some leftover Chinese food before sitting down and nailing my essay while my friends went to Collegetown. I felt satisfied with my several page paper discussing the importance of leadership beginning with values, encompassing the reading from class. Afterwards I did some blogging catching up and other work I needed to do as well as listened to music in Miffy's room since we were having a little movie night watching a thriller about a murder mystery. definitely a great way to spend my weekend. 

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