Saturday, July 1, 2017


My first day without class was refreshing. I slept in and it made me feel great, it was refreshing. The only down side was that it took me until 10 to get ready and it wasn’t until noon when I went out. When I went out I met up with Julia and Javaria. We went out to eat at college town; we picked an Indian buffet place. It was delicious and was way better than the food we get at the community center and I filled my plate to the brim. I ate A LOT and had to waddle my way back to the university.

After lunch we walked over a bridge and soaked in the view, but then we spotted a trail that followed the creek in the gorge and we immediately walked to the trail head. The trail was gorgeous as it passed massive waterfalls and rapids. The sound of the water echoed off the plant covered walls of the gorge. It was beautiful and the trail had a lot of steps, but the view was so worth it. We stopped by a bridge and took pictures and talked. We saw a very cute duck swimming up the stream which made me appreciate ducks for having that much strength in such a small body. But when we saw storm clouds gathering above we immediately left the gorge because we did not want to get caught in a storm in a steep gorge.

After the gorge we went to the Uris Library because it is supposed to be beautiful and Hogwarts like. I would say it was nothing like Hogwarts because it wasn't as grand or have as much stone, but it was beautiful. It was very old and had an unimaginable amount of books. It looked like an exhibit or replica in a history museum with all of its ancient looking furniture and old paintings of very high class and rich looking individuals. There were plenty of desks with desk lamps and students intensely studying. I thought it was huge and an amazing place to study because of how quiet it was and how beautiful it looked. The books were really specific. There were books on things such as “Spanish Literature in Russia”. We walked up and down certain levels looking at the books, then left.

After dinner Javaria and our friend Sultana and I made plans to see the sunset. We decided to see it on the slope in the back of the clock tower. It was beautiful and talking with friends is always lovely. But that is when the topic of our blogs came up. Javaria and I have been begging Sultana not to read our blogs, but then she Googled my name and alas, she found it. And now (since she will be reading it) I should introduce her. Sultana is super funny and has a great sense of humor, but always does thing to annoy or spite me, it would be very annoying if she wasn't so funny about it and just a kind person. After that we took pictures and read books, but as the sun set it started raining again (I hate the weather in Ithaca sometimes). We walked back to our dorms and the day was over.

I like not having class and 100 pages to read, but to be honest, I really miss my class. I miss learning about international law, mass atrocities and how I can help stop them. My class is always a highlight of my day and I can’t wait for class to return on Wednesday, but for now I am enjoying the relaxation, getting closer to my friends and knowing more about them and exploring and wandering around Ithaca and Cornell.   

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  1. Surely your class does not meet on Tuesday. Most of us are observing Independence Day on Tuesday. How about you Cornellians?