Sunday, July 9, 2017

Girl's Day Out

Waking up bright and early we were rushed to get ready by my friend Trinity, who is in the Veterinary Medicine program at Summer College. For our last weekend together she wanted to do something special for all of us, and she was super sweet and treated us to brunch at the Statler Hotel, which is a hotel at Cornell that has an amazing buffet. Definitely a nice get away from the food we eat at the dining halls, it was also just a great way to be able to spend some time together as well as take a break from our schoolwork to reflect on the time we have had together.

We ate to our satisfaction before actually running to catch the bus, which was pleasant. We all use this transportation app for the bus that all the RCA’s recommend we get but it seems like the buses in Ithaca are always right, but always wrong at the same time. They will be on time at every stop, but sometimes the app changes which bus to take and when to take it which is a little annoying and it also wastes time. Nonetheless, we made it downtown, and since the bus app did not want to cooperate to take us to the farmer’s market, we decided to grab some coffee and take a look at the comic book shop next door, and just explore the different shops at the common.
After having a photo shoot in front of a beautifully painted wall, we made our way down and went inside a market, which had different Tibetan and South Asian fabrics and trinkets. Such as rings, bangles, and even chocolate. They had the prettiest earrings but they were also overpriced so I passed and just looked around. At the end I settled on a little orange drawstring bag and a llama keychain. Both things I knew I would use.
We also went to the toy store since my friends wanted to see what was inside. I had a conversation with one of the workers after he caught me playing with the cars, he was making jokes about recycled water since I told him I’m from California, and all my friends joined in. I was not very amused but everyone has been questioning the fact that we have In-N-Out but no water.

There is always someone with an instrument in the commons putting on a free concert so there’s always that to look forward to. I admire the people who come out to play in public and don’t ask for anything in return simply because it’s their passion. The rest of the afternoon was made up of us petting all the dogs we could find which is something the owners are always okay with, and they love to see their dogs getting attention. My friends also wanted to go to the mall, so we caught the bus, this time it was fine, and we saw Josh again. Our TA, as laughing because of the odds we would see each other, especially on the bus going to the same place again. It was funny and he was just wondering if we even went home last night at all.

There wasn’t much to do at the Ithaca Mall since I had been there once before, we browsed some shops and Miffy and Trinity wanted to go buy accessories and bags. We spent the majority of our time at Target buying some necessities before deciding that we all needed a nap and came back home. I just wanted to rest for an hour and we all decided that we wanted Mexican food from a place called Viva. We ordered over the phone and they didn’t do delivery, I went with Sloane, the girl who lives across from me, on an adventure to retrieve our dinner from Ithaca Commons once again. We were just laughing at the whole situation since we were there basically all day today and all of last night. No wonder Josh thought we slept there. On the way back in we also saw a skunk which never ceases to spook me, but after dinner I went back to my room to do some reading and preparation for our class discussion early tomorrow morning.

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