Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Living the American Dream

No class today! Which means I got to sleep in … until 10 AM. Which was actually a luxury for me, if I told my mom that she would have laughed in my face. Today was the fourth of July and no one had class except for the students in Psych, which included my floor mate Bella. None of us have really been having breakfast but that’s because we have a stash of food in Bella’s fridge and also in our shelves, it’s actually a great idea and I would highly recommend it.

We all wanted to dress up and show how patriotic we could be. So we only wore red, white and blue. Everyone was getting ready in my room and Miffy’s. So it felt like a little party, we were blasting music and dancing around. No one on our floor really seemed to mind since it was the middle of the day and our unit is almost always full of life despite our creepy hallways.
Sloane and I!
Right outside Balch in the courtyard there were RCAs dancing and music playing, the BBQ going and students playing soccer. It felt great; we brought some blankets with us as we did last night to lie on the grass because I am terrified of the amount of bugs here. McKayla was already there and we got in line to grab some burgers and hotdogs. It was also really hot so they grabbed water guns and started spraying each other, which was fun to watch. Some students were also playing soccer and frisbee, as well as football and everyone was just relaxing on this day off.

After a while we all agreed to go back to our rooms because it was hot and also because we all had work that we needed to complete. Not before we ask a few strangers to take some photos of us outside of North Balch of course. My friend Sloane took some with her camera too because she wanted me to have nice pictures for my blog; all my friends are super open to being in front of the camera and modeling as I do. I did not expect them to be so okay with all this but I’m glad they because they are thinking about getting pretty pictures just as much as I do, and I really love that about them, it shows how much they care not only about me but what I do.

We basically split up after that and just did our work, I sent Don many pictures so he could help me rename them which was great because then I wouldn’t have to sit and do that, it is actually a very tedious task. I also got a chance to take a look at my next essay assignment for my class, which is about Fatal Journey and to point out all of Henry Hudson’s fatal flaws. I haven’t gotten much in depth since we are still reading the book but I am excited to see where the discussions the rest of this week will be headed.

For dinner we decided to go to Collegetown, which I still hadn’t been to, we got some pizza and Chinese food since everyone wanted something different. Also some girls on my floor had fridges in their rooms, so we could store leftovers in there for later. We also watched a horror movie about a woman who was seeing things after the death of her child, I don’t even remember the name of it because we were talking through the whole thing and it was just playing in the background. Afterwards, I just went back to my room and did worked on and blog for a bit and did some reading for discussion the next day in class. And that’s basically what the rest of my night looked like.
We are the new America. 

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