Saturday, July 8, 2017

One Of Those Days

My friends looking like models as always. 
Today was one of those days where we all had to just sit down and get some work done and out of the way. I woke up quite late which means 10 AM for me, and just did some reading for my class and taking notes on what I needed for my essay. Which is basically what I did up until lunch at noon, and afterwords I worked on my essay for the majority of my day since it was at midnight just like my last essay. Our prompt was from the book we have been reading, Fatal Journey: The Final Expedition of Henry Hudson. Our prompt was to discuss Henry Hudson's fatal mistake(s) as a leader. I wrote about the main conflicts faced which were about mutual respect between followers and leaders, and what would happen when that is lost. As well as how it could be approached with a different leadership style based of what we had discussed in class, also using notes from lectures from my professor. 

I felt very proud of myself for being able to incorporate the comments made by Nick, my TA about being more clear in what I was trying to say. I feel like in this essay you could hear my voice as you were reading it, and it was more of my insight and interpretation of what being a leader or follower means and how that plays out in serious situations. Compared to my previous essay which did not feel like something I would write, it was more summary and paraphrasing what others said from discussion. Overall I felt accomplished since I submitted it several hours early after making several revisions so I know this essay was much better than my previous one. 

Afterwards I was just sitting and talking with Miffy, my sink mate, in her room about the course she is taking which is Secrets of Business Success. She is also taking another course which is actually online which deals with International relations and customs. it reminded me of what we discussed in class since so many of my peers are interested in taking on a corporate leadership position. We were just talking about what our schools were like and the different business discussions from class when some of my other floor mates wanted to go see a movie. We decided the timings were a bit odd and that we would rather go downtown instead. 

We all got ready and basically ran to catch the last bus running for the night heading down to Seneca, the Commons. We were just laughing and all my friends we were all in awe of how adorable the Commons looked at night, well, it was getting dark. But the lights and musics playing made it feel like we were walking a store. We saw a very nice man making ballon animals and he said he would make me one, I told him to surprise me and he made me a flower that was almost as big as me! It was really nice and I felt like a little kid. 

Mint lemonade!
Also, we ran into my TA, Josh, which was funny because he was just chilling at a table waiting for someone. We didn't want to take up too much of his time since I was with my friends and he was waiting on someone, so he just asked us how class was going and if we had submitted our essays. He talked to my friends about what courses they were in before asking about what our plans were. I asked about some recommendations for food places, since I had already tried Thai food when I came here with the Cornell cohort. He told me about an Ethiopian place around the corner which had great vegetarian options, he was actually vegetarian which was cool to find out, so we of course went there. It was great except for when one of the balloons popped in the restaurants, which had the workers there dying from laughter, we were just embarrassed and a bit startled. 

Afterwards we grabbed some ice cream and walked down the street since it was very lively, we watched some of the concerts that people were dancing and even stopped to see some magic acts which left Miffy speechless, it was very amusing to see. We got back to campus right in time for night check which was good because then we could just go back to our rooms and rest. Sloane, a girl who lives across from me came into my room and we started talking about everything we had in common since she has a brother the same age as mine and she is also a rising senior so we chatted before we realized how late it, and we remembered that we needed to get up a bit earlier in the morning. 

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