Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Stars and Stripes

Today was Independence Day. And it was pretty fun except I didn’t do much. I got up a little later than recently and mainly worked on a paper for class the whole day. I a, sorry for how short and boring this blog will be.

I got in the morning and immediately worked more on an assignment I had for class. For the assignment the class has to write a petition to a treaty body on the behalf of a victim’s wife. I started it a couple of days before and I slowly started writing it. I thought it was a short easy assignment, but it turned out I had a lot to do so I worked on it in the morning.  I really like the assignment. It shows me what I would be doing if I was an international human rights lawyer. I have to say that this is my least favorite part of the job. I prefer the strategy and discussion that comes with the job, but this is not bad.

In the afternoon there was a BBQ so I went there and met up with some friends and had a hot dog. It was pretty good and it was nice sitting on the lawn eating with friends during the sunny day. Afterwards, I meetup with Sultana to go have a TA session to ask questions about the homework because we were both a little confused. We asked our questions and it was very helpful. Most of the questions were boring and were about formatting.

Javaria posing next to a mural
Then I worked on my course work and blog after the TA session and went to The Slope with friends. We talked and had snacks as we watched the sunset. I love The Slope I think I am going to miss that the most when I have to leave and go back home. I realize all in all that this day was very uneventful, but I had fun. I liked working on my assignment and talking with friends was lovely as usual. I can’t wait because tomorrow is class. I missed class so much over this long break so I am very excited to go back. 

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