Sunday, July 2, 2017

Life Is Too Short to Pass on Thai Food and Lychees

Rolled Thai Ice Cream
with Lychee on top
As uneventful as today was compared to some of the other ones, I managed to get a lot accomplished. Laundry, homework, cleaning, and blogging occupied most, if not all of my morning hours.

Because I always have a hard time getting things done in a dirty environment, it was critically important to me to be able to organize and tidy up today. Not only did I clean my room, but also ended up editing previous blog entries and taking notes that I had missed out on in class.

Laundry took me at least two hours to complete. The basement is disgustingly hot and humid. I could not for the life of me stand being in there for a minute, let alone 30. As a result, I was forced to wash and dry loads of clothing at different times. This meant for me a lot of walking. As I have previously mentioned, my room is on South Balch’s sixth floor, so walking up and down six flights of stairs at least 6 or 7 times has definitely become routine. It's an intense workout for anyone, let alone an asthmatic like me. In addition to that, I had to take a longer route today because there was a baby bat hanging out near the exit door in our hall. By the time the RCAs got rid of it, I could hardly move as a result of sore feet and exhaustion. 
Poor bat, it just wanted an education.
Not a pretty picture, but I wasn't
going to get too close.

The second half of my day wasn’t nearly as exhilarating as the first. Noor, Robson, and I met up at the bus stop in front of the RPCC to have our first dinner together as a cohort in the Ithaca Commons. Deven was there to meet us. We decided to check out the nearest Cornell Store for gear. Although we didn’t find any sweatshirts that we liked, I ended up scoring pretty postcards to send my family members back home.

Postcards for my grandpa, great aunt,
and family friends. 
For dinner, we had Thai food, which I had never had before and was a bit skeptical of trying at first. Nonetheless, I wanted more than anything to experience new tastes. At the restaurant, I ordered Pad Thai, Spring Rolls, and Lychee Juice, all three of which were completely and utterly delicious. The spiciness reminded me a lot of Indian cuisines. I was a big fan.

Dessert came next. Thai and Lychee seemed to be the theme for the day because we ended up picking Thai Rolled Ice Cream. Surprise Surprise, I had a lychee on top of mine. 

I don’t know, maybe it’s just the fact that I haven’t gotten over the homesickness (I probably should have by now), but I feel the constant need to have food such as lychees. They transport me back in time to good old summer days spent at my grandparents’ house. Hopefully, the nostalgia doesn’t last forever. It’s starting to get a little bit old. 

Immediately after the cohort came back, Robson, Sultana, and I went to the Libe slope for the sunset again.  This is the third time that we’ve done this in a row so you might be thinking “wow that better be the greatest sunset that the world has to offer.” Based on what I have seen, it definitely comes close. Then again, I haven't seen as many as I would like to. 

I’m glad that  I had the opportunity to prepare for my second week here at Cornell. Although It may seem like I haven’t done much aside from that, exploring downtown, petting dogs while I was there (immediate mood booster), and eating mouthwatering, flavorful food has been more than enough for me. 

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