Monday, July 3, 2017

I Scream for Ice Cream

Today I am getting back into my class rhythm. I am waking up early and getting out the door earlier. Today my day started at 7:00 or 7:30 when Javaria and I met with our friend Sultana to go to downtown Ithaca. We decided to go there after breakfast. I thought it would be a really long walk, but we were there in a couple of minutes. We started off in the Commons. I really like the Commons because it is really cute and has a lot of shops with many trinkets and gifts I could buy. But we didn’t stay there long because we had a friend who was at Ithaca mall and we had some things we needed to buy (things like clothes and other necessities).

We went to the mall and Target, but I didn’t need anything. So for me it was pretty uneventful. Javaria and Sultana bought some clothes, but I found nothing that I liked. We took a bus ride back to Cornell for lunch. After lunch we went to the Cornell store yet again, but there we met our friend J’nai. We wanted to go to the Dairy Barn, but we started to walk in the wrong direction, then we consulted Google Maps. And at that moment I hated Google because it took all four of us up a large hill that had no shade. We walked in the hot sun with humidity washing over us. It was pretty bad. But we did make it to the Dairy Barn and the ice cream was amazing. It was creamy and delicious. I got coffee ice cream that had fudge ripples (I forgot it’s exact name). It was worth it.  
But we immediately left because Javaria and I had to meet Janna at Day Hall. We met up with Noor outside of Day Hall then Sultana and J’nai left as Noor, Javaria and I went inside to meet with Janna. We met up with Janna in Day Hall’s basement, but Janna suggested that we meet outside and it was such a lovely day so we agreed. The meeting with Janna was very pleasant. She asked us how we liked Cornell, and our classes. She also asked about our RCAs, and families. It was very nice. All I told her was good because I love Cornell and Summer College, I know my RCA a little and my family is always great.  I asked her a question I’ve been asking everyone in Cornell and that is what makes Cornell unique from any other university and why should people apply to Cornell and not any other university. Her answer was very similar to everyone else’s and she said that the people were very nice and the campus is absolutely beautiful and unlike any college. I have to say I agree, the campus is amazing. She also talked about the long and cold winters which she said is one of the only downsides and that is one reservation I have about Cornell because I can’t stand anything colder than 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Janna was very nice and I liked talking with her, I made sure I thanked her a lot for helping set up the Summer college program for the ILC because I am having so much fun. 

After the meeting with Janna I ran to my dorm then at around 7 or 7:30 I ran back out because my group of friends wanted to meet at The Slope early to see fireworks so we could get a good spot. And we did. It was in the direct view of the fireworks. As the sun started setting we just sat and talked as it got more and more crowded. The fireworks were beautiful. They were bright and colorful and we were far away enough that we could hear the bangs and booms, but it wasn’t deafening. I loved it except I needed to do some class work and I needed to blog so I left a little early. Today was so nice and I can’t wait for Independence Day.  

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