Friday, July 14, 2017

Here's to Looking at You, Cornell

Today was surprisingly emotional. I knew I would be sad because it was the last day of my course and over the course of these three weeks I fell in love with the course. But also one of my close friends Pooja left today. That made my leaving real and I was pushed to the edge of tears. The entire day wasn’t said, in class we had a great discussion, I finally finished all my classwork, I had a fun time with my friends and I got to meet Sultana’s awesome family. I am very sad that I am leaving such a beautiful place, I am sad that my wonderful course ended and I am sad that I'll be saying goodbye to close friends, but I need to go home. I will always look at this place with fondness and happiness.

My day started late so I practically ran to class. I am glad I made it on time because this class was fun. It was very laid back because we pretended that all our NGOs were in one large meeting discussing the findings during our fact finding mission yesterday and giving recommendations to remedy the situation. I thought it was very interesting to hear the different things that people found and the questions people thought to ask. Everyone found out different things. People’s recommendations were the same though, but I still had fun exploring the different possibilities in helping the people of Moloqua. The part that got me was at the end of the exercise when everybody shared what they like about the class. What I liked about the class is it gave me knowledge and empowered me to make change. Others shared how it made them think of human rights and law in a different way. Thinking back on the great things we learned made me sad that all of it was ending it gave me the urge to cry. But when Sultana, Javaria, Pooja and I presented our organization I got excited because everyone loved the idea and went back up to us so they could join our group. I was so happy that people were interested and it gave me even more hope for the future. I believe that we will be able to make a real difference and it makes me excited.

After class I worked on my assignment and went to my dorm to start packing. After that I went outside of Mary Donlon to say goodbye to Pooja. I almost cried. Over these three weeks I have gotten so close to my friends that it felt like I knew them my entire life. It started to sink in that most of them lived an entire continent away. We hugged fifty times and then she finally left. Pooja is a great and funny person to be around. She is very nice and it was a privilege to know her and be a friend. It has only been a couple of hours and I miss her.

After the almost tearful goodbye I walked with Javaria, Sultana and her family. I liked Sultana’s family her parents were very nice and great to talk to. Her little sister was very cute and really smart. I liked seeing Sultana and her sister horseplay and tease each other. It was funny and cute. We were going to walk to Olin library, but it was closed so we walked around the campus. I loved this because this gave me one last tour around the campus to look around the scenery. It was almost a last goodbye.

I am going to miss Cornell and the course, but I think I am going to miss the people I met the most. I am happy that I made these connections though. Without these connections I don’t think my time here would have been as special or impactful and because of these connections I am now a part of an organization that is fighting for human rights and change. I feel beyond blessed to have met these people. As I slowly pack and look at my suitcase I am mournful for what I will be leaving behind, but excited for these things I’ll do once I go.  

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